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Add Color to your Home and Life

Change isn't always a bad thing. It can enliven the spirit bring peace to your life. Here at Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City , California, we believe a shot of color goes a long way!  Sharon Rollins says: "You should stick with neutral colors like shades of white, gray, black and sometimes brown walls to help your accent color pop. Toss in bit of turquoise (or any color you like) here and there to add interest."  Morgan Rollins says: It doesn't matter if it's a bathroom, dining room, kitchen, or the master bedroom the same rules apply.

Most designers want to keep this their little secret but Sharon and Morgan Rollins of Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City think everyone deserves to know the tricks of the trade.



ONE::: Less is more:  Take a piece of paper and color the whole thing red, now look at it.....not too impressive is it?  It's kind of like looking at a blank piece of paper.  Now take a piece of paper and take the red marker and draw three squares in the middle of the paper; where are those beautiful eyes wondering to now?  Morgan Rollins says: "Sometime I drive through neighborhoods in Studio City for new ideas and notice some homes have shots of color on their exterior. Painting shutters and doors, is a perfect example, especially if your house is a neutral color.  Sharon Rollins says: "One of my favorite colors is pink but that doesn't mean my whole house has to be. I add color with flowers, pillows and throws."

TWO::: Stick To One To Three Colors: Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City know how to make an impression and one thing we never do is have too many colors. "You want color, but you don't want them to clash and take away from the feel"  Morgan Rollins says.
A simple way to add color to your exterior is by painting your door a color like Red, Navy or Green.

Sharon Rollins says:  "In the kitchen, fill a silver bowl with faux lemons or green apples.  Add lots of silver, chrome and glass for their reflective qualities.  Nail heads on upholstered chairs are very popular right now and pick up light and color."  


Here in Studio City California, everyone loves The Lakers so I'm sure  some peoples idea of adding color has touches of purple and yellow accents. Morgan Rollins say : "I have seen navy with red accents that gives a home that Ralph Lauren feel. This is personally one of my favorites."

THREE::: Pick a Theme : If you want a beachy vide use robins egg blue with taupe, grey and brown. If you want  upscale east coast do black and white with red accents; "Whatever you do try not to fall too far from the theme." Sharon Rollins says.

In Studio City California and in many other cities  color is everything. It breaths live into a boring room and invigorates the senses. It can even change your mood.  Life without color would be hard to imagine; it would be like living without smell or taste.  Color should be used like make up... less is more.  Your home is already beautiful, you are just giving it a nice dress or suit to show it off.   Morgan Mason Rollins and Sharon Layne Rollins of Mason Layne Real Estate would like to wish you the best of luck in your adventure of injecting color into your home and life.

Home Ideas


The battle between hardwood and engineered wood floors.
Here at Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City California, Sharon Rollins and Morgan Rollins see many newly built, beautiful homes with gorgeous wood floors. Some are true hardwood plank floors. Some are bamboo or cork, and some are engineered wood floors. "Engineered wood means it is a wood layered in plys, with the top layer stained and finished to look like the real McCoy, but for half the price" Morgan Rollins says.
Sharon Rollins says: So the real question is: should we install engineered wood floors or spring for the real deal, hardwood plank?  And that is what we are going to talk about.  We will be going through the pros and cons of Engineered vs. hardwood plank flooring.

Morgan Rollins Says "At Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City, California, we understand times are tough and not everyone can afford brand new plank hardwood floors, but before you get upset because you think you can's afford wither option, check to see if you have wood floors under your carpet. You would be surprised how many people go out and buy flooring just to find out it was right under their noses the whole time"

And without further ado, we come to...... 



They're Cheaper = That's the main reason most people choose Engineered floors.  They are widely used for spec homes in every area.

They're Easy to Install And Replace = "Most engineered floors can be installed with ease" says Sharon Rollins of Mason Layne Real Estate Group in Studio City, California.
"If you accidentally scratch them, instead of running around getting bids to resurface the entire room, you can just pop out a plank or two and replace it with a new one." It's quite simple and cost effective.  I know you're probably saying, "Duh Mason Layne, why would anyone spend twice as much on plank hardwood flooring that require a lot more up keep," right?  Well bite your tongues cause we haven't told you the cons yet, silly.

Engineered floors come in every color you can think of, e.g.,  purple, green, blue, black, gray, metallic.... I could keep going but I don't want to have to run through the entire rainbow, as well as some elements.  "In Studio City and Los Angeles we see all types of floors, you really can't shock us anymore."  Says Morgan Rollins. 




They're Hard To Keep Clean = Depending on the finish they can be kind of hard or extremely hard to clean them, either way you will be mopping those floors and drying them anytime friends come over.  You can always have a no shoe policy at your house. Tough to keep  "You can't use normal wood floor cleaning products on them because it leaves a film. You're best bet is to pick a grayish brown color to offset the dirt." Sharon Rollins says.

You can't refinish them = "So what if I got a scratch in my new engineered wood floors because someone moved the couch?" I'll just pop that plank out and replace it with a new one... sounds fast and simple, but let me give you another scenario... Oh No, my 100 pound mastiff just destroyed my floors through-out the house!!!!! Arrrggghhh!  Now what do I do?" Morgan Rollins says.  Replacing that one plank is not problem, but now you have to replace all of them.  Now the floors that were just as good as the real thing and cost half as much have to be replaced, entirely. Now you have just doubled the price of the floors, when you could have bought true plank hardwood floors in first place and avoided the time and money you now face.

The Bottom line is, if you live alone and don't have pets, over time you will save money. Go ahead and buy the engineered wood floors. But, if you live life to the fullest, have friends, and a dog or two and maybe a couple of children, get the real Hardwood plank flooring.  You're going to thank us.  You can resurface them after many years of continued use and they will still look just as good as new, or better. Scratch happens and so does life, so ENJOY.

 Morgan Mason Rollins and Sharon Layne Rollins of Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City, California would like to thank you for taking the time to read The Pros and Cons of Engineered wood floors vs. True Plank Hardwood Flooring and wish you the best in your pursuit of happiness in making your home, a Place to call your own.


Home Ideas

Shape and Form Wallpaper

The “Shape and Form” Wallpaper Collection was designed by Graham&Brown.  Inspired by geometric shapes and the use of shadows to create depth and texture. "We wanted to push the boundaries and create a dramatic, masculine collection that plays with perceptions conjuring optical effects to offer homeowners a dimensional alternative for decorating walls." The wallpaper come in a vast range of geometric shapes and colors that will fit almost everyone's taste.  One thing's for sure your guests will spend more time looking at the walls than the TV.